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Costessey's Free Magazine
Created in Costessey, delivered bi-monthly

Handy Costessey Magazine Logo

Costessey's Free Magazine
Created in Costessey, delivered bi-monthly


Handy Magazine delivers to all Costessey homes and businesses for free.

Local magazines are at the heart of every community, and that’s certainly true in Costessey with Handy. Our magazine is loved and used by residents, businesses and local groups alike.

Handy is the first port of call when looking for local services, readers often go on to recommend our advertisers by word of mouth and social media.

With over 7,400 properties and more than 16,700 residents, Costessey is the largest suburb of Norwich.


residents (Census 2021)


homes and businesses

6 Issues

per year (bi-monthly)

Royal Mail

delivery to all properties

Pick up

in local shops


advertiser return rate average

Advantages of advertising in Costessey with Handy Magazine

Get more for your money. Costessey is the largest suburb of Norwich, so we deliver to over 1,500 more properties on average than neighbouring magazines in Bowthorpe, Catton, Drayton, Hellesdon, Spixworth, Sprowston, Taverham and Thorpe.

A local connection. Readers feel like their Handy magazine belongs to them, it’s part of their community. It’s a credible source of local information residents simply cannot find anywhere else.

Enjoy less competition. Handy by name, handy by nature. Our publication is small and more targeted than other forms of advertising, so your advert enjoys less competition and receives more attention.

Reliable delivery. The Handy Magazine is reliably delivered by Royal Mail, so residents pick up their copy with their post and nobody misses out.

More reach than social media. While social media advertising costs from around 83p per day, it only reaches around 6,300 people who may be located in Costessey at the time of delivery. Handy Magazine reaches every property in Costessey, home to over 16,700 residents, from the equivalent of 15p per day over the two month shelf life. Around three times the amount of people for a fraction of the cost.

More effective than leaflets. Handy has a vivid, colourful and engaging cover which teases its contents. While leaflets are usually binned within a day or two, residents are excited to receive Handy, they engage with its contents and one copy is read repeatedly, usually by more than one person in the household.

Long shelf life. Handy Magazine is often kept in a safe place until the next issue arrives, so your advert stays in the home for up to 2 months and is seen again and again.

Get to know Costessey

The town of Costessey is located 4 miles west of Norwich. It is known for its desirable mix of countryside charm and proximity to Norwich city centre.

Comprised of New and Old Costessey, Queen’s Hills and Hampdens, Costessey is the largest suburb of Norwich and is home to 16,700 residents according to Census 2021 data, although this is now estimated to be well beyond this number.

In its rural setting, Costessey offers attractive properties set in picturesque countryside surroundings, appealing to a quieter environment – a stone’s throw from newer family homes and apartments with nearby shops, cafés, restaurants, supermarkets, pubs, a retail park and the Norfolk Showground, all within our delivery area.